About Us

We are two American parents who enjoy a variety of activities deemed “nerdy” by popular culture.  Coming from science backgrounds, we also tend to research topics in which we’re interested.  We realized that many of our beloved pursuits have received a lot of media attention lately and become more “mainstream”, but are still somewhat difficult to get into without any prior experience, especially for someone with kids who doesn’t have the time for a long ramble across the internet.  Likewise, some of the parenting topics that we’ve researched extensively could use a simple explanation that’s easily understandable and presents pros and cons along with options and resources.

Our household currently includes (names given are pseudonyms):

  • “Mijal”, the father, a long time gamer with a physics degree who works from home and can’t seem to stop explaining things
  • “Astra”, the mother, a working mom with a biology degree who is full-time at a medical lab but still dotes on her children and can’t seem to stop caring about everyone, even people she’s never met
  • “Dragon Child”, our son, currently about 3 years old and full of boundless energy and curiosity
  • “Watcher”, our daughter, currently less than a year old, who seems to take in everything around her
  • One dog and three cats
  • A burgeoning collection of games, gaming supplies, books, comic books, and dice

This blog is our chance to share our thoughts and advice on getting into “nerd” activities, parenting, and how to successfully combine the two in a way that benefits both parent and child.  I wouldn’t say we’re experts, as any parent can attest, nor should this blog be the end of your learning.  Rather, we seek to give you the tools to form a basic understanding so you can orient yourself and ask the right questions.  We hope you find it interesting, useful, and fun!

Update Schedule:  Given the demands of children and work, this blog won’t currently update on set days or times.  To keep track of our latest posts, subscribe to our RSS feed (at right) or follow us on Twitter.


Neither of us are medical or legal professionals and nothing we say should be taken as medical, legal, or financial advice.  Please seek the help of a qualified professional regarding your specific situation.

We will occasionally describe or review products that have worked for us in the hopes that others can benefit.  If we ever get paid or receive other consideration to talk about a specific product, we will clearly reveal that in the relevant post.

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