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Children and Video Games: Setting Appropriate Limits

As our society becomes more technologically based, learning to use that technology becomes not just a fun diversion, but a valuable life skill.  How else are children meant to learn, but through play?  Video games sometimes get a bad reputation for “ruining” children, but as with any entertainment medium, the key is the content and how it is presented.  While it will ultimately be up to the parent to determine how much and what sort of entertainment is appropriate for their child, the following presents several options and tools to help you make sure that your child’s video gaming entertainment aligns with your wishes and values. Continue reading

Tabletop Gaming for Parents

When Dragon Child was born, Astra and I had a (semi)regular weekly gaming group (mostly various RPGs with the occasional board game when multiple members were absent).  While he was still very small, this continued with no problems, since he would just rest in a carrier, nurse, or sleep for the entire session.  As he began to get older, keeping him entertained during the session became more and more difficult.  The group eventually broke up for unrelated reasons, but I realized I needed to find another way to play the games I loved while managing my children in a way that was fair both to them and the other players. Continue reading