The Parenting Side of Things

There are so many topics related to parenting that I plan to discuss here that it is tough to decide what to write about first.

Parenting is something which lately has gotten people into all sorts of arguments and tends to make people very defensive.  All parents are just trying to do what they feel is right for their children, but in today’s culture many people feel criticized or ashamed if they have made different parenting decisions from the mainstream or from their group of friends.  Once you start to feel isolated as a parent it is easy to get overwhelmed and to feel like any discussion of parenting techniques is people attacking your decisions.

What We Did

When approaching many parenting decisions as nerds we first gathered data, finding both hard facts as well as opinion pieces that resonated with us to help us make the decision that was right for our family.  As parents there is almost too much information about many topics, and it can be hard to weed out what is based on studies versus what is purely opinion or speculation.  Next we weighed the evidence and our opinions based on what we have found to come to our decision.  A certain amount of any decision is always based on how we feel, either with or despite the evidence.

When writing about topics here we are going to try to display all the evidence, even if it goes counter to what we have decided to do.  Making parenting decisions is something to be done with all the information, not just some of it.  We will not include studies which have been proven to be fraudulent or dis-proven as science has advanced.   We will also try to be clear when it is something which is our opinion rather than fact.


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